VIOLENCE: debut album “Area Sub Rosa” Out

Post-punk meets dream pop in one of the most astonishing debut albums this year
VIOLENCE: debut album “Area Sub Rosa” out

VIOLENCE, the Danish band that combines the dreamy tones of the ’80s and the sound of modern rock music in its biggest format, release its debut album “Area Sub Rosa” 

Violence’s sonic terrain is forged of melancholic- and transcending tones. The weightless universe draws multiple parallels to The Cure’s “Disintegration”-era and Slowdive understood and conveyed into a newly interpreted and up-to-date context. The major-scale tones and airtight production (Chris Kreutzfeldt ― Møl/Cabal/Siamese), will besides that create associations to pompous stadium rock bands like The 1975 and Bring Me The Horizon.

As yet another spice in the musical cocktail, Violence adds a dash of wildness and carelessness often found in the punk genre. Punk has had enormous importance for the band ― that with more than one hundred European concerts, (including sold-out danish concerts; VEGA, Pumpehuset etc.) ― would categorize themselves as experienced in the underground music environment without blinking. The members were known as the hardcore punk band Woes back then ― a band that has since been shelved in search of a sound that resonates more with the visions of the members.

“Area Sub Rosa” is out on LP (white vinyl) and digital format, via Last Mile Records. Orders can be placed at this link.

“Area Sub Rosa” tracklist:
1. ONo
2. Rendezvous (Not I /We)
3. Atlas Of CC
4. Sofiya 359
5. Haven Fora (30/86K)
6. 133, Concrete
7. Youlogy
8. Honey

Christoffer Sylvest – vocals
Nicholas Meents – guitar, vocals
Tom Bayer – bass/synth
Simon Bundgård – synth
Victor Ghaznawi – drums (live)