Asterise – Two Worlds

Two Worlds
Label: Inverse Records
Out: December 2nd, 2022
Playing time: 50:28

Asterise are a multinational Symphonic Power Metal “opera” project. That’s how it’s described in the press release. The project was founded in 2018 by Bartlomiej Mezynski and Dionysis Maniatakos. The two came together to create something new and fresh. However, bands like Stratovarius, Gamma Ray and Avantasia are mentioned as role models. The musical direction is thus clearly formulated. Now the album debut “Two Worlds” is available. 

I would classify the two-minute intro as “dispensable”. A dime a dozen, like on many other Symphonic Metal albums. But after a short introduction, “High Above the Horizon” really gets going. Despite the mostly high speed, there is also room for contemplative moments with a lot of symphonic bombast. Also “Eternal Flame” offers a lot of Symphonic. A great Metal anthem. Again we hear a short introduction before “Frozen Lake” presents itself a bit more playful. Here, comparisons to Avantasia come to mind, as with some of the other songs. After the riffs, you almost expect the master himself, Tobias Sammet. The theatricality that the singers bring in can’t quite keep up with Avantasia, but overall it’s well worth listening to. “Falling Stars” and “Top Of The World” later go in a similar direction. In between, “Promised Land” is a ballad with partly powerful instrumentation and playful Symphonic interjections. “Masked Parade” is essentially a straightforward (Hard) Rocker with partly high Metal Screams, spiced up with Symphonic passages. The last song, “Funeral Of Souls”, is a minimalist ballad with piano and orchestral background music.

It is certainly a bit of an exaggeration to compare Asterise with other projects like Avantasia or Ayreon. That sets the level pretty damn high. But the way Asterise is positioned, you have to make this comparison. Yes, you can’t measure yourself against these genre greats yet. Not even if you take their debut albums into account. Nevertheless, the result is a good album that can be recommended to fans with a clear conscience. Keep it up and you could have some serious competition here.

Asterise – High Above The Horizon (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Katharina Stahl):


Bartlomiej Mezynski – Guitars, Bass
Dionysis Maniatakos – Keyboards, Orchestrations
Drums: Slawomir Siwak – Drums
Tristan Harders – Vocals
Arnaud Menard – Vocals
Katharina Stahl – Vocals


Jimmy Hedlund – Guitar Solos
Andi Kravljaca – Guitar Solos
Mateusz Karmelita – Guitar Solos
Lukasz Watroba – Acoustic Guitar
Guest Choirs: Aleksandra Mezynska, Lea Diekmann

Label: Inverse Records

Out: December 2nd, 2022

Playing time: 50:28

Track list:

  • Intro
  • High Above the Horizon (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Katharina Stahl)
  • Eternal Flame (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Mateusz Karmelita)
  • Frozen Lake (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Katharina Stahl)
  • Promised Land (feat. Tristan Harders, Katharina Stahl, Andi Kravljaca)
  • Falling Stars (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Jimmy Hedlund)
  • Masked Parade (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard)
  • Top of the World (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard)
  • Funeral of Souls (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Katharina Stahl)
  • 8/10
    Overall Rating - 8/10