Neopera – Tuba Mirum

Tuba Mirum
Out: December 2nd, 2022
Playing time: 29:13

Neopera are back. However, the band in 2022 can no longer be compared to the band from the early years. The only remaining members from that time are guitarist Jörn Schubert and singer Thorsten Schuck. All the other members have only been on board for a few years. I was able to experience Neopera live on St. Nicholas Eve 2014. An acoustic set on the MS “Nordstern”, during a mini-cruise through the Hamburg harbour, at that time still with singer Nina Jiers and bassist Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray). The debut album “Destined Ways” was also released with this line-up. Then it became quiet around the band. In 2020, the EP “In Memoriam” was released. As the name suggests, this was the last sign of life of the original line-up. From 2021, the new line-up produced a number of singles. In December, the EP “Tuba Mirum” was published. However, the current line-up list is unclear, there are different details in different sources. I finally decided to use the information from the Encyclopaedia Metallum.

With “Verge Of War” there is an atmospheric song at the beginning. Melodic metal with baritone and soprano. It goes in the direction of mainstream, but mainstream of the better kind, even if growls are heard later. It follows “An Eternal Night”, with a ballad-like introduction, later the drums bang out of the speakers like in Speed Metal. But it goes back to the ballad. And again, the vocal duo of soprano and baritone dominates. The guitar solo is the icing on the cake. Later, the two protagonists sing in German. “A New God” starts with an epic orchestration, before it goes again in the direction of Speed and Thrash. Here, growler and guitarist Denis Filimonov can really let off steam. And again, a guitar solo, but this time it sounds quite weird. “Cause You Were There” is then a “real” contemplative ballad. Thorsten Schuck is first accompanied only by piano, later also by strings. With “Side By Side” follows extremely calm Melodic Metal. The title song “Tuba Mirum” follows at the very end and is very epic. Large orchestrations dominate here.

Before listening, there was of course the question of how the big changes in the line-up had affected it. Especially a singer like Nina Jiers is hard to replace. But Jasmin Gajewski has mastered this magnificently, just like all the other new members. With “Tuba Mirum”, the new Neopera manages to tie in with the early work. Obviously Jörn Schubert and Thorsten Schuck have found more than just suitable band mates. It could go on like this.

Neopera – Tuba Mirum:


Denis Filimonov – Vocals, Bass
Jörn Schubert – Guitars
Thorsten Schuck – Vocals (baritone)
Kai-Ole Buuck – Drums
Nino Helfrich – Guitars (lead)
Jasmin Gajewski – Vocals (soprano)
Tom Lutschke – Guitars (rhythm)

Label: Self-release

Out: December 2nd, 2022

Playing time: 29:13

Track list:

  • Verge Of War
  • An Eternal Night
  • A New God
  • Cause You Were There
  • Side By Side
  • Tuba Mirum
  • 8/10
    Overall Rating - 8/10