Big Red Fire Truck – Trouble in Paradise

Big Red Fire Truck
Trouble In Paradise
MGM Distribution
Out : August 4, 2023
Playing Time : 20:21

Many well-known Rock and Metal acts come from Down Under. But also less well-known ones. I hadn’t heard of Big Red Fire Truck until now. The band started in 2016 as a project by singer and guitarist Digby. He intended to write fun Heavy Metal and Hard Rock songs. He was inspired by bands like Van Halen, The Darkness or Aerosmith. In the meantime, the project has become a quartet. On “Trouble in Paradise” they thus pay homage to the earlier generations of hard rock.

An almost two-minute intro on an EP that is twenty minutes long? “Neon Sunsets” didn’t really have to be. The title track “Trouble In Paradise” compensates for this somewhat. Good Mood Rock with a convincing vocal performance by Digby. And he also shows his skills on the guitar. What a solo. Big Red Fire Truck revive the 80s. “Love Bite” is a bit harder, heavy riffs, rhythmically driving drums. And “Psychotropic Thunder” is no less hard-hitting. It has a chorus that can be sung along quickly. With “Miami Skies” you can almost feel the scorching hot sun on your skin standing in the blue sky over Florida. The final song “Hot Summer Nights” once again offers timelessly beautiful Rock sound. You can literally feel the atmosphere of beach parties on warm summer nights.

Actually, “Trouble in Paradise” hardly offers anything new. Timelessly beautiful Melodic Rock. But that’s exactly what Big Red Fire Truck want to spread. Fun, music and memories of the great days of 80s Hard Rock. And the Australians succeeded well. Apart from the intro, you can enjoy eighteen and a half minutes of reminiscing, reminiscing about a bygone but beautiful time. Even the cheesy album cover fits like a glove.

Big Red Fire Truck – Trouble In Paradise:


Digby – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ben Frank – Guitar
Pete Grant – Drums, Vocals
Nick Frazier – Bass

Track list:

  • Neon Sunsets
  • Trouble In Paradise
  • Love Bite
  • Psychotropic Thunder
  • Miami Skies 
  • Hot Summer Nights


Overall Rating : 8.5/10