Blessed Black – Seasons: Vol. 1

Blessed Black
Seasons: Vol. 1
Out : July 7, 2023
Playing Time : 15:53

“Seasons: Vol. 1” – this is the name of the new EP by the Heavy Doomers Blessed Black from Cincinnati (Ohio). The title implies that more EPs will follow. And these are planned for 2023 and 2024. The band was founded in 2018, and after the debut album “Beyond the Crimson Throne” (2020), the single “La Brea” was released one year later. And the apparently only video to date was released for it.

“Hellbender” starts with spoken words, while Hammond organ and bass can already be heard in the background. But a short time later, the musicians kick in with full force. The ethereal sounding vocals are accompanied by heavy riffs. And again and again the Hammond is wafting. Epic Doom. “Obsidian” is a bit faster, but the deep tones dominate. Doom atmosphere in Heavy Metal style. The guitar solo also contributes to this. The longest song, “Unable”, with a playing time of just over six minutes, finishes the EP. Lower tuned guitars with keyboard sounds in the background introduce it. But shortly after, a doom stomper can be heard, characterised by heavy riffs and again the Hammond. A calm ending. With another great guitar solo.

After almost sixteen minutes, unfortunately, it’s over. This could go on for a while. An excellent mixture of Heavy Rock and Doom Metal. The listener is eagerly awaiting the announced EPs for this and next year.

Blessed Black – La Brea:


Joshua Murphy – Vocals, Guitar
Jake Stone – Guitar
Brad Bellamy – Bass
Ray Bates – Drums

Track list:

  • Hellbender
  • Obsidian
  • Unable

Rating :

Overall Rating : 8.5/10