Bloodbound – Tales From The North

Tales From The North
AFM Records
Release Date: July 7, 2023
Playing Time : 46:46

Two years have passed since the release of “Creatures Of The Dark Realm”. And now the Swedes of Bloodbound are celebrating an anniversary, album number ten “Tales From The North” is finished. And the band can build on a solid line-up. With their latest work, Bloodbound present a concept album in which the times of the Vikings are thematised. 

Different legends and myths intertwine during the course of the songs, leading up to the epic battle of 1066, which marks the end of the Viking era.

That’s how lead guitarist Tomas Olsson describes it. The musicians have taken on a lot. I was curious to see how the realisation turned out.

The album starts with the title track “Tales From The North”. Calm and ballad-like. Actually, untypical for Bloodbound. But soon the Swedes really get going. High-Speed Metal is the order of the day, as one is used to from the band. Singer Patrik J. Selleby proves his changeable voice right at the beginning. Again a calm beginning with “Drink With The Gods”, before a Nordic drinking song in the midtempo range is celebrated. And here another trademark catches the eye, the catchy sing-along choruses. After that, “Odin’s Prayer” goes into the high-speed area again. High Metal screams driven by fast double bass play. Celtic elements are mixed in with “The Raven’s Cry”, another fast-paced composition. In addition, big epic choruses. Bloodbound can only ever play slowly for a short time, and this is also the case with “Mimir’s Crystal Eye”. Only the beginning sounds a bit calmer. Despite all the tempo, we are dealing with a great Metal anthem here. And it continues full of energy with “Between The Enemy Lines”. Here Bloodbound sound like their compatriots Sabaton in places. “Land Of Heroes” is another Metal anthem enriched with Celtic folk elements. Again, they impress with their sing-along choruses. Also “Sail Among The Dead” offers a mixture of tempo and anthem. And nothing changes at the end of the album, whether “Stake My Claims”, “Sword And Axe” or also with the hymn “1066”.

“Tales From The North” is indeed a concept album, but fortunately Bloodbound do not freeze in this concept. They play for three quarters of an hour what they do best, epic, anthemic Power Metal, mostly at high speed. And they don’t fall into the pathos of the aforementioned Sabaton. They are commercially more successful, but musically Bloodbound appeal to me much more. A great album.

Bloodbound – Drink With The Gods:


Patrik J. Selleby – Vocals
Tomas Olsson – Guitars
Henrik Olsson – Guitars
Anders Broman – Bass
Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards
Daniel Sjögren – Drums

Track list:

  • Tales from the North
  • Drink with the Gods
  • Odin’s Prayer
  • The Raven’s Cry
  • Mimir’s Crystal Eye
  • Between the Enemy Lines
  • Land of Heroes
  • Sail Among the Dead
  • Stake My Claims
  • Sword and Axe
  • 1066


Album : 9/10
Cover-Art : 8/10
Songwriting : 9/10