Degrees of Truth – Alchemists

Degrees of Truth
Scarlet Records
Out: June 23rd, 2023
Playing time: 45:52

Degrees of Truth describe themselves as a Female Fronted Progressive Symphonic Metal band. Founded in 2016 by keyboardist Gianluca Parnisari. Drummer Luca Ravezzani also remains from the early days. The newest member is singer Claudia Beltrame. She could already convince me vocally at the Metal Queens Burning Night 2019. At that time, she was still with the band HOLY SHIRE. Degrees of Truth have released two studio albums and several singles so far. “Alchemists” is the third album, the first in the current line-up.

“Imperfect Concoction” is a four-minute intro that starts quietly with piano sounds, but later, thanks to the addition of orchestral elements, sounds quite powerful. Nevertheless, I ask myself, does it have to be? So “Godless Symphony” is the first regular song. But here things get going lively. Especially singer Claudia Beltrame can impress me. That’s exactly how I remember her – a powerful soprano. The song itself is in the midtempo range and is otherwise dominated by the drums, partly with driving Double Bass. The keyboard bombast is clearly audible, but not overused. “Over The Tide” starts with industrial synths. All in all, the Italians are a bit calmer here. And so it continues quietly. “Flightmare” is introduced by rhythmic drums. Later, powerful riffs are added and again the Double Bass. After an introductory pumping bass, “Wreckage Of A Lifetime” picks up considerably more speed. The vocals are more in the mid-pitch range. “Misconnection” is a beautiful ballad; the beguiling sounding voice of Claudia is accompanied by piano sounds and synth strings. Later, accentuated drumming and guitars are added and provide significantly more sound pressure. Introductory choruses and chimes are later replaced by epic choruses on “Tiny Box Of Horrors”, a great Symphonic Metal anthem. With “Thread Of Life” you think you hear a piano ballad at first. Later the song becomes harder and clearly more progressive. Various melody and rhythm changes follow. Somehow the band’s self-description has to be proven. “Bound To Rise” then bangs tremendously. Especially the drums provide a lot of heaviness. It stomps along with the singer, who is more in the mezzo-soprano range here. At the very end of the album, you hear the title song “Alchemists”. Here you hear mainly an epic power ballad, hard on the border of a midtempo rocker.

“Alchemists” is an all-round successful album. There are many epic choruses, epic bombast but also hard riffs to hear. But above all it lives from the crystal-clear soprano/mezzo-soprano of Claudia Beltrame. Unfortunately, the other melody-leading instruments often come off a bit too short. But this can only insignificantly spoil the listening pleasure. Only the intro is not quite to my taste. In spite of the musical and sound wise increase, it seems a bit too long to me.

Degrees of Truth – Flightmare (Official Video):


Claudia Beltrame – Vocals
Daniele Brianza – Guitar, Ukulele
Gianluca Parnisari – Keyboards, Piano, Additional Percussions
Lorenzo Corsalini – Bass
Luca Ravezzani – Drums

Track list:

  • Imperfect Concoction
  • Godless Symphony
  • Over The Tide
  • Flightmare
  • Wreckage Of A Lifetime
  • Misconnection
  • Tiny Box Of Horrors
  • Thread Of Life
  • Bound To Rise
  • Alchemists


Album : 7/10
Cover-Art : 8/10
Songwriting : 9/10