DeVicious – Code Red

Code Red
Metalapolis Records / SPV
Out: May 26th, 2023
Playing time: 54:10

They are hard-working, the German Melodic Rockers from DeVicious. Founded in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg) in 2017, they have released four albums and countless singles so far. In May of this year, “Code Red” will be their fifth release. The press release says that the music is recommended for fans of HEAT, Eclipse, Nestor, Hardline. The line-up has been relatively stable since the band was founded. Only at the microphone there was a change last year. The album was produced by mastermind Alex Frey. The finishing touches were made by none other than Alexander Krull at Mastersound Entertainment Studios. That promises high quality.

The album starts very catchy with “Are You Ready For Love”. A melodic bass line can be heard at the beginning. The new singer Baol Bardot Bulsara (TNT) makes a good impression. Powerful clear vocals and high Metal screams are his trademark. “Highway To The Stars” is hardly less catchy, but a bit faster. But does it need the brass from the computer? “Madhouse” starts again with a short bass melody. After that, the song stomps along in midtempo. Here you can hear the singer’s wide vocal range. Finally, DeVicious go high speed. In the chorus the words are discreetly accentuated, almost shouted…. In addition, there are various solo passages of the guitars. “Stuck In Paradise” might be the best song of the album. “No More Tears” starts ballad-like with piano sounds. Then it gets more rocking, with various midtempo sections. Raise Your Life” has an Electro-Pop feeling. If it weren’t for the convincing voice of Baol Bardot Bulsara, the song would fall into triviality. Also “Not Anymore” offers hardly anything new; catchy melodies, midtempo and melodic guitar solo. Fortunately, “House Of Cards” follows. Here the tempo picks up again. And the rhythm invites you to headbang. Also “All My Life” is a song of the better kind. Even though it is mostly midtempo and has little more to offer apart from catchiness and a varied vocal performance. “Walk From The Shadows” is the last regular song. Here, too, you can hear Electro-Pop influences. Unfortunately, I’m no fan of that. If it wasn’t for the Metal Screams and the late guitar solo… As a bonus track there is a new recording. “Penthouse Floor 2023”. I have to admit, I like the original from 2018 much better. Finest AOR. The synths are just annoying. Sorry guys.

“Code Red” leaves me somewhat clueless. The individual songs are good up to very good, but for my taste the arrangements leave something to be desired. Maybe DeVicious should go back to their roots. With the new singer, great things could be created. AOR instead of Disco-Pop.

DeVicious – Highway to the Stars:


Baol Bardot Bulsara – Gesang
Radivoj Petrovic – Gitarre
Alex Frey – Bass
Denis Kunz – Keyboards
Lars Nippa – Schlagzeug

Track list:

  • Are You Ready for Love
  • Highway to the Stars
  • Madhouse
  • Stuck in Paradise
  • No More Tears
  • Raise Your Life
  • Not Anymore
  • House of Cards
  • All My Life
  • Walk from the Shadows
  • Penthouse Floor 2023 (Bonus Track CD)


Album : 7/10
Cover-Art : 8/10
Songwriting : 8/10