Dress the Dead – Aether

Dress the Dead
Blood Blast Distribution
Out: June 27th 2023
Playing time: 22:35

Dress the Dead have apparently existed since 2017, founded by guitarist Craig Locicero, then still with singer Peter Dolving (The Haunted). But less than one year later he left the band again. It was hard to find a successor. So it was a stroke of luck that singer Kayla Dixon contacted Locicero by text message. She had been reading up on the band for a few months. Shortly afterwards Kayla sent a new version of the song “1969”. The guitarist was so enthusiastic that she immediately got the vacant position.

The opener “Sinking In Ether” starts with a short intro. After that, it continues at a calm tempo. But soon the guitars are roasting, and the drums are driving Kayla sings in a deeper pitch, which is by no means common nowadays. But harsh vocals and harsh sound simply belong together. The song then ends melodically. With “I Want To Know You” they go into full swing at first, but later the tempo and sound pressure is reduced a bit. Midtempo alternates with fast parts. With “Tickets To The Brawl” the musicians then pick up the tempo again. And the singer hints at the first growls. “Hallowed Head” is then high-speed Rock. And what she already hinted at in the predecessor comes here with elemental force, evil growls, but only briefly. “Painless Injection” starts quietly, later dissonant sounding guitars rise, before it gets powerful again, also, and especially thanks to the vocal presence of Kayla, who growls really evil here.

“AEther” is an EP that the quintet can build on. Musically and sound-wise, the recordings are good. But the crowning glory is the vocal performance of Kayla Dixon. Craig Locicero made the right decision to hire her as a singer.

Dress the Dead – Sinking in Ether: https://youtu.be/N8M_tCmyzgE


Craig Locicero – Lead Guitar
James Walker – Bass
Kayla Dixon – Lead Vocals
Mark Hernandez – Drums
Mikey Rowan – Guitar

Track list:

  • Sinking in Ether
  • I Want To Know You
  • Tickets To The Brawl
  • Hallowed Head
  • Painless Injection


Overall Rating : 7.5/10