Kaj Pousár – Nine Lives

Kaj Pousár
Nine Lives
Melodic Passion Records
Out: August 4th, 2023
Playing time: 41:47

Kaj Pousár is a Swedish singer. He started his solo career around the year 2012. At least the debut album “Livet” was released that year. He toured as opener for Legends of Rock (Bobby Kimball, Fergie Fredrikson, Joe Lynn Turner, Bill Champlin). After various single releases, “Nine Lives” is now the follow-up, an album that builds on the AOR of the 70s and 80s.

Swedish melodic rock and hard rock in the finest way

So enthuses the press info. And this can be confirmed after listening to the opening song “Femme Fatal”. It could hardly be more melodic. And yes, the album does rock. Great riffs and great guitar melodies and solos. The following songs follow seamlessly. “One Chance” or the quiet, almost ballad-like “Behind Us”. On “Out In Life” the Swedes really let go on. Don’t Stay” is a beautiful ballad. I imagine the glow of lighters and mobile phone lights at a live concert. “My Hometown” rocks out again. While “Read This Song” is a ballad with a Southern Rock touch. And the change between quiet and rocking continues, among others with “See Me”. This song offers both. After the regular last song, the ballad “The Creeps”, two covers follow, “Don’t Talk To Strangers” (Dio) and “Lonely Is The Word” (Black Sabbath). Although the originals simply can’t be topped, Ronnie James Dio and his bandmates are just too good for that, I like the cover versions exceptionally well. They revive the spirit of the long-gone heyday of Heavy Metal.

Kaj Pousár takes the listener on a journey back in time to the glorious 70s and 80s, the great era of Melodic Heavy Metal. And that’s what makes “Nine Lives” so worth listening to, not only for fans who grew up in those times. Every Rock and Metal fan should listen to this album at least once. At least for me it was in heavy rotation during the last days.

Kaj Pousár – Lonely is the word: https://youtu.be/TQmhxkQcRaQ


Kaj Pousár – Vocals
Mats Valentin – Guitar
Tommy Denander – Guitar (5)
Thomas Blindberg – Bass
Samuel Waermö – Keys, Programming, Backing Vocals
Andreas Habo Johansson  – Drums (2-11)
Johan Franzon – Drums (1)
Carl Utbult – Strings (5, 9, 11)

Track list:

  • Femme Fatale
  • One Chance
  • Behind Us
  • Out in Life
  • Don’t Stay
  • My Hometown
  • Read This Song
  • See Me
  • The Creeps
  • Don’t Talk to Strangers
  • Lonely is the Word


Overall Rating : 8.5/10