Kickhunter – Now Or Never

Now Or Never
Metalapolis Records / SPV
Out: June 9th, 2023
Playing time: 44:03

Kickhunter was founded in 2000 by guitarist Stefan Aurel and drummer Karsten Kreppert. Since then, four albums have been released. With material from their debut album “Hearts & Bones”, they played as support acts for Deep Purple and Lynyd Skynyrd. In 2014, the Hamburg band released their last album to date, “Southern Kicks”. And now, nine years later, album number five “Now Or Never” is waiting in the wings. Let’s take a listen to the comeback album.

Right from the first song “Louder & Faster” it’s probably about the band’s concept. Louder and faster, that’s exactly what you can say about the opener. Massive twin guitar runs, a singer who lives this motto. And a chorus that is so catchy that you can sing along immediately. It continues the same way with “Motherlode”. Besides the screaming guitars, you can also hear a wobbling Hammond. And a great guitar solo. If you think the Hamburgers are getting quieter, you’ll be proved wrong with “I Want It”. Stomping Blues Rock. “Back And Free” starts with a fast drum passage before the twin guitars are heard again. And the tempo remains high. Except for a short section in the middle part. The obligatory power ballad is called “I Sing This Song Forever”. With a good portion of epic. But “This Summer” is already the end of the fun. Although, the high tempo of the first songs is not taken up here. Instead, there is a very melodic chorus to listen to. Also “King Of Rock’n’Roll” is a bit calmer, in the midtempo range. With “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind” Kickhunter peddle in Rhythm and Blues realms. Hammond organ at the beginning of “Nothing To Lose”. After that, the musicians really get going again. Tight guitar riffs, nice, rhythmic hook lines. And again, in the midtempo range. The last song “Best Time” is a real neck breaker again. And thus closes the circle to the fast prelude.

“Now Or Never” is a more than convincing comeback of the Hamburg Hard Rockers. Only the album cover reduces the score. But that shouldn’t put off fans of electric guitars and handmade Rock music. Musically, Kickhunter are top-notch.

Kickhunter – Louder & Faster (Official Music Video) 2023:


Stefan Aurel – Gitarre
Jc Wesenberg – Gesang
Rollie Feldman – Gitarre
Ansas Strehlow – Orgel
Karsten Kreppert – Schlagzeug
Gerd Lehmkuhl – Gitarre
Tim Schwarz – Bass
Melanie Kirschke – Background Vocals

Special Guest:

Markus Großkopf – Bass auf „King Of Rock`N`Roll“

Track list:

  • Louder & Faster
  • Motherlode
  • I Want It
  • Back And Free
  • I Sing This Song Forever
  • This Summer
  • King Of Rock’n’Roll
  • Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind 
  • Nothing To Lose
  • Best Time


Album : 9/10
Cover-Art : 7/10
Songwriting : 9/10