Reasons Behind – Architecture Of An Ego

Reasons Behind
Architecture Of An Ego
Scarlet Records
Out: May 26th 2023
Playing time: 35:18

“Architecture of an Ego” takes a step deeper into the imaginative Reason Behind EDM-metal universe: a new musical & visual chapter where trance vibes enhance the heavy rhythms and catchy pop melodies.

The press release states that. “Sure, labels and promoters always have to come up with something new to make “their bands” stand out from the big crowd”. I couldn’t help but make this comment about the predecessor “Project: M.I.S.T.“. And it still holds true today. Anyway, Reasons Behind have been active since 2010. Of course, the creative duo Elisa Bonafè and Gabriele Sapori is the permanent fixture in the band. But since 2017 there seems to have been no line-up changes. I quite liked the first two albums. Let’s hear if they could improve on the third album.

The intro “Zero Dawn” is a bit too long for my taste. But it somehow fits into the EDM genre. Nevertheless, the Italians should get to the point faster here. Especially because the melodies repeat themselves constantly, despite the slight variations. “The Fall Of Human Race” also starts with sound paintings. Before the rhythm section starts to play. Heavy riffs and punchy drums. If you compare the vocals of Elisa Bonafè with those of the “Ouverture” times, you can notice that she no longer enters the very high tonal ranges. A very positive development of the singer. Who is surprised? Once again sound gimmicks. but also on “A New Breed” heavy sounds can be heard. The tempo was taken back a little bit. And especially the chorus seems very catchy. If only there weren’t the synths. So also with “Into The Break Of A Better Day”.  I don’t go to disco events, but I think “Heart Begins To Break” is very suitable for the dance floors. “The Phantom Pain” is also very melodic over long parts. “I³” falls a little out of line. mainly because of the harsher vocals. However, these are not from Elisa. For this they have invited musical guests from the bands Nocturna and Deathless Legacy. And just because of this otherness it is the highlight of the album for me. Despite the massive synths. But thanks to an very good guitar solo. The final song “Letter To The Last Of Us” is a successful power ballad.

I am not a fan of Electronic Dance Music. And I won’t become one after this album. But Reasons Behind go their way in this genre unimpressed. And if you leave out the synths, there is a lot worth mentioning on the album. Catchy melodies often paired with heavy Metal riffs. The flagship is of course the singer, who has consequently developed her voice. “Architecture Of An Ego” is a good album. And EDM fans should definitely listen in.

Reasons Behind – Heart Begins To Break (Official Video):


Elisa Bonafè – Vocals
Gabriele Sapori – Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Michele Cavalca – Bass
Andrea Gambini – Drums

Track list:

  • Zero Dawn 
  • The Fall Of Human Race
  • A New Breed
  • Into The Break Of A Better Day
  • Heart Begins To Break
  • The Phantom Pain
  • Seas Of Grey
  • The Flame Inside
  • Letter To The Last Of Us


Overall Rating : 8/10