Shakra – Invincible

AFM Records
Out: June 9th, 2023
Playing time: 52:36

It could have been so wonderful. The grandiose album “Mad World” was released in February 2020. Then on tour and perform the new songs for the fans. But as we know, everything turned out differently. A virus ruined everything. Corona paralysed the world. But they could sit down and write new songs. That’s exactly what the Hard Rockers of Shakra said to themselves. The result can now be heard, “Invincible” is the name of the new album. And if I counted correctly, it’s the fifteenth from the band from the Swiss Emmental.

“The Way It Is” starts with acoustic guitars. But only for about thirty seconds. Then the quintet gets going with a stomping midtempo banger. Despite all the heaviness, you can quickly sing along to the chorus, as usual. “The Matrix Unfolds” takes us into high-speed realms. Despite all this, the sound always remains melodic. The title track “Invincible” slows down the tempo a bit. Beautiful guitar melodies, plus pounding drums. After a quiet beginning with great guitar hooks, we hear another excellent midtempo song with “Devil Left Hell”. And it goes on like this, great guitar work, slamming riffs and of course the typical voice of Mark Fox can be heard in “On The Wild Side”, “Old Irish Song”, “As I Lay Down To Sleep”, “House Of Rock” or “Walls Of Hate”. In between there is one of the highlights of the album with the anthemic “Tell Her That I’m Sorry”.  And the great power ballad “As I Lay Down To Sleep”. Heart-warming! At the end, “Between The Lines” and the bluesy “As Long As I’m Alive” provide a faster pace and maximum headbanging.

With “Invincible”, the Swiss could easily keep up the very high level of the predecessor. Power Metal can hardly be celebrated better. Shakra have used the concert-free time very well. Banging riffs, beautiful guitar melodies, a convincing rhythm section and choruses that invite you to sing along. Plus a singer who puts his stamp on the whole thing.

What a lucky move that Shakra were able to bring their former singer (2002 – 2009) back to “High Noon” four years ago.

I wrote that three years ago. And it’s still true today. The other big bands from the Alps, such as Gotthard or Krokus, will have to prepare themselves.

Shakra – Tell Her That I’m Sorry:


Mark Fox – Vocals
Thom Blunier – Guitar
Thomas Muster – Guitar
Cyril Montavon – Bass
Roger Tanner – Drums

Track list:

  • The Way It Is
  • The Matrix Unfolds
  • Invincible
  • Devil Left Hell
  • On the Wild Side
  • Old Irish Song
  • Tell Her That I’m Sorry
  • As I Lay Down to Sleep
  • House of Rock
  • Walls of Hate
  • Between the Lines
  • As Long As I’m Alive


Album : 10/10
Cover-Art : 10/10
Songwriting : 10/10