Thanit – Cult Of The Ancestors

Cult Of The Ancestors
Out: 16. May 16th, 2022
Playing time: 55:33

OK, the album “Cult Of The Ancestors” is not new anymore. It was released one year ago. But singer Sara Fadda recently wrote to me asking me to write a review. The band Thanit from Nuoro (Sardinia) was founded in February 2017 and the musicians have already gained experience in other bands. According to their own statements, they are inspired by numerous bands of the 70s, 80s and 90s rock and Metal scene.

Of course, there has to be an intro on a Symphonic Metal album. “Waiting For…” is a little more than one minute long and is characterised by keyboard sounds. “The Birth Of Space And Time” then shows where Thanit are heading musically. Hard, forward driving Metal, underlaid by keyboard carpets. Singer Sara Fadda sings in a high soprano. Here one can assume a classical vocal training. Especially when you hear her excursions into Bel canto opera soprano in the midtempo song “Mother”. And this is very cleanly sung. I’ve heard that from other singers much worse. With heavy guitar riffs “The Glory of Old Sea Man” starts. In this song, which is also midtempo, you can hear Sara’s high Rock voice. And also, the opera-like Bel canto vocals. And again, and again you can hear filigree guitar solos. “Coming Home” is a bit quieter again, even balladesque. Only with the obligatory guitar solo does some speed come up. Several times you can hear an oppressive bass line. And with “Sacrifice” follows a “real” ballad. With “Neverending Life”, the Sardinians soar into high-speed territory. Especially the drums drive the singer here. Finally, there is another rocking song with “Warmonger”.

Well, I like “Cult Of The Ancestors”. A few years ago, I would have given it the highest rating just because of the outstanding vocal performance. But in the meantime, my taste has changed a little. Even with Symphonic Metal, as Thanit celebrate it, I wish for harsher vocals. The good thing about the album is that the musicians don’t overdo it with the bombast. Heavy riffs, very good guitar solos and powerful drum work dominate. So, metal definitely takes precedence. But that should also be reflected in the vocals.

Thanit – Born by the Flames:


Daniele Fois – Drums
Giovanni Carta – Bass
Maurizio Fois – Guitars
Diego Russo – Keyboards
Sara Fadda – Operatic and modern vocals

Track list:

  • Waiting For…
  • The Birth Of Space And Time
  • Mother
  • The Glory Of An Old Sea Man
  • Coming Home
  • Sacrifice
  • Born By The Flames
  • Neverending Life
  • Forces Of Apocalypse
  • Warmonger 


Overall Rating : 8/10