The Pretty Reckless – Other Worlds

The Pretty Reckless
Other Worlds
Label: Century Media
Out: November 4th, 2022
Playing time: 42:27

The Pretty Reckless gave rock ‘n’ roll the jumpstart it needed for a new generation – but they did so entirely on their own terms.

That is the first sentence of the press release. You can underline it like that. The Pretty Reckless were founded in 2008. But you’ve known singer Taylor Momsen for a while. If you are a fan of the film “Groundhog Day”. But Taylor has nothing at all to do with the film character Cindy Lou Who. She is a rock singer beyond compare. The Pretty Reckless have proven this impressively on their four studio albums so far. But on “Other Worlds”, the musicians show their softer side. The focus here is on acoustic versions.

Taylor Momsen and her bandmates start the album with the remix of “Got So High”. The beautiful ballad from “Death By Rock And Roll” is a little less faster here and enriched with Pop beats. The Soundgarden cover “Loud Love” is of a different kind, harder than the original. A deep bow to singer Chris Cornell, who died in 2017. But that’s it for the heaviness. “The Keeper” is much quieter again. Taylor is accompanied by acoustic guitars. And so it goes on with “Quicksand”, “25” and “Only Love Can Save Me Now”, sometimes the singer is accompanied by acoustic guitar, sometimes by piano. On the latter, there is even a bit of a Folk or Country mood. The acoustic version of “Death By Rock And Roll” is one of the best songs on the album for me. With a Southern feeling. The Pretty Reckless prove that acoustic instruments can also be played a little harder on “Halfway There”. “(Whats So Funny Bout) Peace Love And Understanding” invites you to dream. “Harley Darling” again offers an acoustic Southern sound. Finally, the original version of “Got So High” can be heard, the song that also opened the album as a remix.

“Other Worlds” is a mostly contemplative album. Exactly, the full-blooded rockers from The Pretty Reckless also master this perfectly. The album makes for a relaxing three quarters of an hour. When you want to switch off from the hectic stress of everyday life.

The Pretty Reckless – Harley Darling (Acoustic):


Taylor Momsen – vocals
Ben Philips – guitar
Jamie Perkins – drums
Mark Damon – bass

Track list:

  • Got So High – Remix
  • Loud Love
  • The Keeper – Feat. Alain Johannes
  • Quicksand – Feat. Mike Garson 
  • 25 – Acoustic
  • Only Love Can Save Me Now – Acoustic 
  • Death By Rock And Roll – Acoustic
  • Halfway There – Feat. Matt Cameron
  • (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding
  • Harley Darling – Acoustic
  • Got So High
  • 8/10
    Overall Rating - 8/10