Under Attack
Virus Alert
Sliptrick Records
January 12, 2021

Unfortunately, it has become common to send out promos but not much information about the bands. It is the same with Under Attack. Obviously, this is a project of the two Italian musicians Daniele Sciacca (vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Nando Bonini. Under Attack were obviously reinforced by guitarist Fabio Rossi. “Virus Alert” is a concept album set in a dystopian future. Nevertheless, very current topics are dealt with. The cover is by a well-known designer. Gianni Nakos (Evergrey, among others). According to the press text, the album sound is oriented towards 80s Metal.

With the classic hard rock song “Soldier”, the Italians start the album in a lively and easygoing way. Already here you can hear an outstanding guitar solo. “Ready For Escape” starts with Heavy Metal riffs. These continue throughout the entire song. The melodic chorus can be sung along immediately. With “Secret Plan”, Under Attack again move into classic Hard Rock. At first you hear a Capello vocals before the keyboards come in. Afterwards, “The Rules” develops into a Rock anthem. Melodic hook lines and the omnipresent clear vocals dominate, which sound a bit like pop here. But “Beyond The Sea” sounds a bit heavier thanks to the riffs and the driving drums. The vocals sound a bit hectic in places. In my opinion, “Under Attack” is the highlight of the album. Here it’s clearly going in the direction of Heavy Metal again, the guitars are roaring. There are filigree solos to be heard. But the vocals sound a little too nice. Of course, a ballad should not be missing. The epic “The Sign And The Cross” is another highlight of the album. Here singer Daniele Sciacca delivers his best performance. But already with “The Last War” the contemplation is over. Heavy riffs and drums dominate again. And “The End Of The Road” delivers a melodic ending. The vocals sound a little melancholic.

“Virus Alert” is a good debut album Musically it moves somewhere between Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and AOR of the eighties. The song writing is varied, yet the album seems to be cast in one piece. However, the sound is not powerful enough for my taste. I would have liked more punch for the guitars and the drums. And the vocals seem too calm for almost the whole duration of the album. Especially the heavier pieces would have required a little more edge. Unfortunately, this led to a small reduction in score. But “Virus Alert” is also an album that the band can build on in the coming years.

Under Attack – Soldier [Lyrics Video]: https://youtu.be/xLfu8Wi4cBA


Daniele Sciacca – Vocals
Fabio Rossi – Guest Guitar
Nando Bonini – Guitar, Bass, Drums

Track list:

  • Soldier
  • Ready For Escape
  • Secret Plan
  • The Rules
  • Beyond The Sea
  • Under Attack
  • The Sign And The Cross
  • The Last War
  • The End Of The Road
  • Album - 7/10
  • Cover Art - 9/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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