REBELS RANTS (Meanwhile in Finland)


rebel-1O tempora o mores… Was going through some older pictures (1985-2010) of me with my friends and was pretty damn amused actually. What the Hell has happened since about nothing has happened ??? Of course we were young and restless, had hair, just loved the early steps of heavy metal… But those clothes. No “battle vests” with band patches, no band shirts, no tattoos or piercings, about nothing which sends a message “WE ARE METAL AS FUCK” to everyone looking at us… (WTF does that even mean ??? At the age of 41 I still haven´t seen, touched, smelled etc. a fuck made out of metal.) The time has come to check my wardrobe.

Going through my clothes proves something… again. I know absolutely nothing about how to look like a “metalhead”, so happy we have this thing called internet. A little research, a lot of pictures from different sites are really useful when You have a compulsive need to prove something to the whole world… Well, only problem is I don’t have that need. Seems like times have changed, I haven’t… Actually during these decades most people of my generation haven’t if You ask me. We still seem to wear clothes that are comfortable not necessary fashionable among other “metalheads”.

Dressed and ready to go (took about 5 minutes)… 1 hour before going out, time to look what happens in FB. Hmmm… Nothing new in some music groups… People posting selfies with “what band shirt are You wearing”, “give me attention, I’m a metalhead”, “I need friends, any fans of my boobs and this band”, “Don’t wear a band shirt if You don’t know the band” etc. whining. WTF ??? Sorry, I have to go now, real life is waiting to be lived… No “likes” for those kind of posts.

rebel-2Seeing these people, who actually believe clothing means something (or everything to some), makes me think late 80s and early 90s. Just can’t remember seeing that many people who had the urge to prove he/she listens to metal music, trying to look like the most famous artists/musicians, just waiting to be noticed by “normal” people… NOW THEY ARE EVERYWHERE, and obviously smarter than most of us since they know how to define “normal”.

Personally I suck in choosing clothes, don’t understand the meaning of “dress code”. I may look like a hobo sometimes but at least I’m wearing what I like and what I decided to wear. Wearing what media and mainstream masses tell You to wear must be very frustrating, sorry for You who have to do that. I can imagine how it takes 3-4 hours to decide what to wear before going outside Your home and meet people… The ones who are just like You, just need (and beg) for acceptance and attention. The pressure is high, You don’t want to get thrown out of the group of chameleons who change their appearance during days and nights depending on who they’re dealing with.

Every now and then ask Yourself these 3 simple questions:

– Who the fuck cares what clothes other people wear ?
– Who the fuck thinks clothes are the ones that define if You’re a “metalhead” or not ?
– Who the fuck thinks he/she knows how a “metalhead” should look like ?

Sanntu Kaskela / Metalheads Forever Magazine