Emerald Rising – Emerald Rising

Emerald Rising
October 20, 2020

I only recently became aware of the band Emerald Rising from New York. Via Facebook. The band was founded in 2017 by singer Deana D and guitarist Thomas Michael Cavanagh. Soon, two other bandmates were found in Chris Parrett and John Laspina. Shortly thereafter, the quartet moved back into the studio. The self-titled debut album was recorded at DCity Studios and Bent Pussicat Studios. Ten songs were produced, and the album was released in October 2020.

A penetrating whistle at the beginning. But Emerald Rising are not an electro-techno band. You can hear that after a few seconds. “Stars To Man” is a classic hard rock song. Daena has a rock voice to die for. And Tom Cavanagh is a true guitar god. It’s crazy what sounds he gets out of the six strings of his instrument. With “Enough” follows a reef monster. The singer packs a lot of blues and soul into her voice. With “Going Under” the musicians try to break speed records again. The quieter “Done” then offers some contrast. The riffs are very rhythmic, and very melodic guitars can be heard in between. And of course, the filigree guitar solo shouldn’t be missing here either. Blues-Rock, that’s what you could say about “Captured”. In contrast, “Running From The Moon” is a great Hard Rock anthem. After another mid-tempo riff monster (“Lights Out”) the album finishes contemplatively. In the first half the song is a soulful ballad. On “Stand Up To The Beast” the singer shows an unfamiliar side. She puts a lot of feeling into her vocal performance here. In the middle part it gets faster. The guitars roar again and Daena lets out her powerful voice again. Before things get contemplative again at the very end.

Emerald Rising have released an outstanding debut. Apparently four musicians have looked for and found each other here. You can hear the many years of experience that she has already gained in other bands. Powerful sound, great musicality characterize this debut. One can certainly look forward to the successor.

Emerald Rising – Far Away (Official video): https://youtu.be/8ZWha04wybA


Daena D – Vocals
Thomas Cavanagh – Guitar
Chris Parrett – Bass
John LaSpina – Drums

Track list:

  • Stars To Man
  • Enough
  • Going Under
  • Done
  • Captured
  • Far Away
  • Running From The Moon
  • Religion
  • Lights Out
  • Stand Up To The Beast
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Songwriting - 9/10