I was asked by my friend Wes the author of this article to introduce myself, my name is Geir Olaisen aka Admin BornStubborn, I’m 48 years old from Norway, 
I been listening to metal since I was 7-8 years old. 
My taste range is wide so I don’t only consider myself a metalhead, but also
a music lover. But generally, I prefer Death, Black, and Doom metal. 
I have been a part of Metalheads Forever since the very start around a decade ago
 and be part of probably almost all aspects of the community from 
administration to be a co-editor and writer in MHF mag.
After our founder, David Maloney sadly passed away suddenly and tragic last year,
 I became one of 3 leaders of the Metalheads Forever community and 
dedicate myself mostly to the administrative part and, but my biggest dedication is sharing
 and introduce our members to good bands who don’t get the attention they deserve, 
the world of Metal is big and it`s many undiscovered treasures. 
The love for this community is strong and we wanna keep David Maloneys legacy alive. 
Something bad happened to our main home on Facebook, it suddenly
got deactivated by Facebook because of handful posts they didn`t like
among millions of posts and comments. We had around 159000 members, and 
suddenly we stood on scratch with a lot of lost memories from dear people that
Is no longer among us, all the members were gone and a lot of important info.
But it is not in the nature of us in MHF to give up so we have made a new home/group
on Facebook. The group name is Metalheads Forever 2.0 and the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/956131534919415
We hope as many of you who haven`t found back to us will return and that we also
get lots of new members.
I hope the readers will enjoy this great new compilation from Wes, he has become
a great and appreciated contributor since he joined us.

This month’s intro

was writen by Geir Olaisen

Apparently, the term big ass gets a great response since the last Big Ass Haul had double the openers of my normal press releases so I present you with the BIGGER ASS HAUL

Dive into this month’s collection HERE.


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In The Shadow of the Horns,

Wes J.


Disturbingly Good


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