Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the editorial head, how are you doing?

Hi Keith. We are doing extremely well and are inspired as well. Thanks!

You recently completed the recording of the album “ego:genesis” can you tell me the musical style you worked on this album and a bit about the songwriting and production behind this?

Our upcoming release will be a kind of modern view on the existing Doom-Metal genre. All the best vibes from the classic funeral and depressive atmosphere will be mixed up with modern sound, as well as progressive rock and black metal influences. Each song will tell a complex part of the whole story. And also each song represents the whole spectre of fillings and emotion experienced by the main character of the story. 

What is your planned schedule for this album?

Album will be released on 29 of September 2021 on all (we hope) existing digital platforms. Also, we plan to make some physical copies, which will be available for pre-order via our official Facebook page.

What was the concept that has been set behind this album?

An attempt to understand what a person experiences before the inevitable. What he will have to go through before accepting his fate and submitting to it, inexorable.

This is also partially reflected in the concept of the cover, but more metaphorically. A kind of transition of the soul to another plane of existence. But you’ll see that later

In January 2013 you released your debut “On The Verge” an amazing atmospheric doom metal album, it was a big success for the band, how as a band you felt about the outcome?

“On The Verge” is the result of painstaking work and a kind of milestone of the band’s growth. The album was created in parallel with an active concert activity. That is why the tracks are very groovy, despite the fact that they are classic doom metal. In addition, in the process of creating and releasing the album, we gained both studio and label cooperation experience.

Why there was a huge delay in making albums, was there any particular reason behind this?

We all are humans, and of course there were some internal situations and changes. But we believe that being in Mental Torment – it is kind of a stigma, and you cannot be an “ex”.

For now, we have new faces and desire to move forward.

Post release what would be the next plans?

We plan to play some local gigs to support the release. And then, of course – start making new music.

Can you tell me how it all started for you guys?

It started when Anatolii decided to play doom metal and took the first steps to find musicians. Maybe it was a few years before 2009. After that he found vocalist Mad, and then Mykhailo and Yaroslav joined the band and first rehearsal at Anatolii’s apartments was held. During long searches Andrii joined the band as drummer, GAW as bass player and Mac as second keyboardist. And these were people who stand for “On The Verge”.

Can you tell me a bit about your touring experiences over the years?

During the band’s life we played in different Ukrainian cities and had a small tour to support “On The Verge” in 2013, which included Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

What would be some of the great moments you had, that you would like to share with me today?

Well, there was a really funny gig in Kryvyi Rih city. We’ve seen a lot of kringe, starting from unknown drunk people in the early morning in the dressing room of the club, to the underground tram, which replaced regular metro trains. And of course – icicles and snow within the club during our set, because of holes in the club roof. But that was a really great gig, people met very well and we extended our fan base for sure.

What would be some of the big influences for Mental Torment to get into Atmospheric doom scene?

Most of the band members agreed that everything started from Black Sabbath, and this is a begging. Of course, each one has his own musical taste, which could vary from light electronic music to brutal genres.

Doom Metal is a cult, not many really understand the beauty behind this particular genre, how do you feel making music in this particular genre of metal?

I Agree about cult. But Doom Metal – but first of all it’s about the atmosphere. And as a musical instrument is a tool to make music, Doom metal can be conveyed to the listener in different ways. And one of the ways, which we choose – make it sound modern but keep it’s spirit recognizable.

Finally what would be the message for the fans around the world?

Stay safe and listen to good music. And don’t forget to check-out ego:genesis – we sure you will like it!