Sacred Reich – ‘Awakening’ Album Review

Sacred Reich – ‘Awakening’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Metal Blade Records/Thrash Metal

Sacred Reich will always have their place in thrash metal history, seminal releases such as ‘The American Way’ and the ‘Surf Nicaragua’ EP are still cherished as much today as they were 30 years go. When the Reich announced their return in 2006 as a touring outfit, many young thrash fans finally got to see one of the movements most loved cult bands. However, many prayers were answered when it was announced that Sacred Reich had been in the studio working on new material, this would eventually see the light of day during the summer as the aptly titled ‘Awakening’.

For fans of the Reich, ‘Awakening’ acts as if no time has elapsed at all since 1996’s ‘Heal’ album and what the band have delivered with this album are blistering riffs and headbanging breakdowns that are synonymous with Sacred Reich. Yet, ‘Awakening’ is not an album that is rooted in that past, yes, Sacred Reich stick to what they know, but it is this familiarity which makes ‘Awakening’ so enjoyable; tracks such as ‘Divide And Conquer’, ‘Killing Machine’ and the title track have all the attitude and swagger of classic Reich as Phil Rind bellows as well as ever backed by the faithful guitar tone of Wiley Arnett. Furthermore, this album wastes no time in messing around with expansive musical passages or extended guitar solos with Sacred Reich going for the jugular tearing through ‘Awakening’ in just over 30 minutes showing that the band have the experience and maturity to know when to trim off the fat and stick to their guns.

‘Awakening’ is certainly the best record that Sacred Reich have released since ‘Ignorance’, it is a strong, powerful album that shows us if anything that the Reich have been away far too long and whilst ‘Awakening’ will not break down barriers or push any boundaries, this album does not need to and to quote ‘Manifest Reality’, it is perfect, just the way it is.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann