Destral – Fembres Pecadrius

Fembres Pecadrius
March 11, 2022
Playing time: 12:26

Founded in Valencia (Spain) in 2017, Destral have released two EPs so far – “No hay vuelta atrás” (March 2020) and “Fembres pecadrius” (March 2022) – each with 100 copies (source: Encyclopaedia Metallum). Although the release date of the last EP was a few months ago, you should take a listen.

The anthemic “Fembres Pecadrius” starts with heavy riffs in the midtempo range. Later, the musicians really pick up speed with the guitar solo. Manuel Girón sings in his national language. Not true, in Valencian, the language of the Valencia region. But that is not unusual in Spain. “Nit Fosca De L’Ànima” is even more fast-paced, in the style of the NWOBHM of the eighties. The closing song “Barrejat” is a real high-speed metal parforce ride. Here you can let your head hair swing, provided it is long enough.

Destral join the list of top-class metal bands from the Iberian Peninsula. This is Classic Heavy Metal that is fun to listen to. I read that the band is currently working on an album. The one or other song could well make it onto the album’s song list. That’s certainly something to look forward to now.

Destral – Nit Fosca De L’Ànima:


Manuel Girón Badía – Vocals
Alberto Miguel Quirós Pérez – Bass
Luis “Masius” Masiá – Guitar
Carlos Simón Domínguez – Guitar
Fernando “Sigui” Camallonga – Drums

Label: Self-released

Out: March 11th, 2022

Playing time: 12:26

Track list:

  • Fembres Pecadrius
  • Nit Fosca de l’Ànima
  • Barrejat

  • 8/10
    Overall Rating - 8/10