Devildriver-Trust no one albumreview by Geir Olaisen

Devildriver is band i heard  alot about and  been metioned often, but to be
someone who listen to alot different bands and generes they have
been a band i haven`t found to interesting to check out. Probably
because the members have been assosciated with NU metal acts before,
a genere 
im not to fond of, but the sound on this album is more
Groove/Death metal something i like better.

So when i sat down to listen to their album Trust no one, i got positivly
suprised, good production, powerful and catchy tunes. I must really say
this is much better than what i had expected. Some tracks on album i
found a litle stereotype and gave me a litle 12 on dozen feeling.
But it`s a heavy and groovy album. The tracks is instaly liked were
Bad nightsky and the titletrack. This is a album mostly for fans
of modern metal, but it`s a album can recommed oldschool
metalheads to give it  
a listen.



1.”Testimony of Truth” 4:43
2.”Bad Deeds” 3:46
3.”My Night Sky” 4:28
4.”This Deception” 3:47
5.”Above It All” 3:22
6.”Daybreak” 4:23
7.”Trust No One” 4:38
8.”Feeling Un-god-ly” 3:41
9.”Retribution” 4:01
10.”For What It’s Worth”4:31
11.”House Divided” (bonus track)4:56
12.”Evil on Swift Wings” (bonus track)