Dust in Mind – CTRL

Dust In Mind
Darktunes Music Group
November 19, 2021
Playing time: 39:13

A fiery ride to your inner sun

This is how the French band Dust in Mind subtitles their fourth album “CTRL”.These studio albums were joined last year by a live album. The band was founded in Strasbourg in 2014.  I was able to see the band live once, at the Female Metal Fest 2017 in Geneva. And I was thrilled by the energy during the performance. So it goes without saying that I also listened to the current album more intensively.

Yes, Dust in Mind are in the Industrial Metal field. The opener “Lost Control” still sounds quite restrained. Despite the change between growls (Damien Dausch) and rocky clear voice (Jennifer Gervais). The typical synth keys dominate, although the French don’t have a regular keyboardist in their ranks. But already with “Take Me Away” Dust in Mind take a much harsher approach, which they keep up until the end of the album. Here you can hear hard-hitting guitar riffs that do the genre credit.  And the growls sound even nastier. And on “Empty”, sweet ballad-like sounds alternate with angry passages. The real, soulful ballad follows later, with “Freefall”. But hard riffs are not dispensed with here either. “W.G.A.C.A” has an extremely pop-like edge, mainly thanks to the synths and the melodic vocals of Jennifer. Even Damien can’t change that with his growls. But already afterwards, the French try to forget this Pop excursion. With “Break” there are again brachial guitars to the ears. These can also be heard later in “Speak For The Voiceless”, supported by driving drums.

“CTRL” is a very good album. The boundaries of Industrial Metal are explored here. Nevertheless, the stylistic features are not exaggerated in detail. This makes the sound very melodic. And there are excursions into the Pop and Ballad realms, which fit harmoniously into the overall concept. In addition, there is a fat sound that stomps out of the boxes full of energy. So especially Industrial fans should definitely listen to this album. But also, fans of other Metal styles will get their money’s worth.

Dust in Mind – Lost Control (Official Video): https://youtu.be/4es2We_mhNI


Damien Dausch – Guitars, Vocals
Jennifer Gervais – Vocals
Xavier Guiot – Bass
Thomas Marasi – Drums
Philippe Miralles – Guitars

Track list:

  • Lost Control
  • Take Me Away
  • Empty
  • Synapses
  • Freefall
  • W.G.A.C.A
  • Break
  • The White Page
  • Speak For The Voiceless
  • No Way Out
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Song Writing - 8/10