Coroncert – Queen of Distortion

Venue: Isernhagenhof Kulturverein e.V. – Livestream
Date: June 20th, 2020

It’s a strange time. You are sitting on the couch at home with a bottle of 2017 Syrah from South Africa in front of you. The computer is connected to the stereo system and the television via HDMI. And about 150 km as the crow flies there is a band on stage. And plays a gig in front of an empty hall. The Coroncert makes it possible. I used this offer for the second time in a week.

Intro, dark stage, the hoods of the capes pulled over the face, that’s how Queen of Distortion started in their set. But no, the Lower Saxony are not an occult or black metal band. Later the musicians got rid of these cloaks, at least in part. Queen of Distortion was founded in 2018. However, as you can see on Encyclopaedia Metallum, the musicians have already had many years of experience in other bands. The quintet went to work accordingly professionally. They burned down a real heavy metal firework. In addition to songs from their EP “Rising From The Fallen” (2019), they also played new songs from their debut album “Checkmate”, which is due to be released next year. The fans on the screens at home donated virtual applause through the chat. I was particularly impressed by the power ballad “Hell Inside My Head”. Of course, musically, but also the performance. Queen Chris sat on her throne and picked up a skull. According to legend, the remains of the insubordinate jester. And finally, the fans vehemently asked for an encore via chat. There were two live premieres of the debut album, “People Without Tears” and the title song “Checkmate”. However, it did not stop at one encore. Her Majesty Queen Chris T’Anti (aka Christine Krüger) and her court had to play another song. So the first single “Rise” was played again by the debut EP.


  • God Of Games
  • Hellfire
  • Four Horsemen
  • Bloody Rain
  • Hell Inside My Head
  • Into The Void
  • New Order
  • Save Yourself
  • Rise
  • Throne Of Destruction


  • People Without Tears
  • Checkmate

Encore 2

  • Rise (Wiederholung)

I didn’t know the band before. But what Chris and her bandmates presented in just under one and a half hour was great. Queen of Distortion now definitely have one more fan. OK, a livestream cannot replace a “real” concert. I would much rather stand in front of the stage with my camera and capture the whole atmosphere in the picture. But these times will definitely come back.

This time, too, you could buy a virtual beer and / or coffee for the musicians during the show. And the band had come up with another surprise. Three of the noble donors were able to win a fan package and some goodies from the band. And an invitation to the release show of their debut album. If you want, you can watch the show again on Youtube. There you will also find the donation links:

The Coroncert project is being implemented by all involved on a voluntary basis. So that further events of this kind are possible in the future, the organizers would also be pleased about financial help:

The pictures are screenshots from the Youtube livestream.