Immortalizer – “Born for Metal”

“Born for Metal”
Heavy Metal
January 13, 2023

Four singles later, the time has finally come for the Immortalizer, the one-man project by Dave D.R, to present his debut full-length work, entitled “Born for Metal”.  

This review can be summed up in one question and in one answer. Do you like heavy metal? If yes, then the “Born for Metal” is the right album for you and a guaranteed exciting listening experience. And since you are reading this review, I am, confidently, assuming that the answer is probably yes.  

Immortalizer has a clear goal of what his sound wants to be like, and does not stray from that path. He delivers straight up, classic sounding, ‘80s inspired heavy metal, fast paced and fiery. From the very first minute to the absolute last, the “Born for Metal” unleashes crushing, speaker shaking riffs of pure heavy metal, along with the appropriate feeling of nostalgia for the golden era of the sound. He does not compromise or tone down, and for 49 minutes Immortalizer delivers our favorite musical genre with passion and fury. 

Getting into more specifics, the “Born for Metal” is an album heavily inspired by the ‘80s and the classic heavy metal era, yet while the influences are prominent; it feels fresh and an original product of the current scene. The old-school vibe is fitting and gives a vintage flavor to the ideas, without cutting off the features that need to exist in order for the “Born for Metal” to be an album of its time. Immortalizer’s gritty attitude blends with a cleaner production, in a heavy metal combination that brings together the U.S and the European school of sound, into an exciting mix. The rock ‘n’ roll spirit meets the heavy metal sound and along with the epic element that is present throughout the compositions, form an album that manages to balance between the old-school and the modern and delivers a fresh and exciting heavy metal sound, full of fire and fury that you must not miss. 

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