Scarlet Desire – Maiden Of Snow

Scarlet Desire
Maiden Of Snow
February 20, 2021

The first time I heard the name Scarlet Desire was just over one year ago. In December 2019, the duo released the first single “Cry For Your Name“.

It remains to be seen how the Scarlet Desire project will continue. Will the two succeed in forming a permanent band line-up? Or will they continue to be dependent on outside help.

Those were my final words at the time. As of today, nothing has obviously changed in the status of the project. Is it because of the Corona pandemic that Scarlet Desire is still not a real band? Or is that the intention of the two protagonists? I don’t know. At least there is now another sign of life, the second single “Maiden Of Snow”.

In the visually impressive video for the song, deep snow-covered Nordic landscapes are shown. Singer Danae Komodromou can once again convince with her crystal clear soprano. The guitarist Esa Mikkola also shows his skills, especially in the guitar solos. But the riffs are not powerful enough to my mind. They should work on that a bit more. Bass and drums could also need more power. The orchestration by Oliver Palotai (Kamelot) are appropriate for the theme. It is pleasing that the song is not overloaded with bombast.  And the “additional vocals” turn out to be interspersed growls.

All in all, “Maiden Of Snow” is another good song by the duo. Even if the genre seems to be worn out, this song has its justification. However, I have to admit, I would have expected something more. At least an EP. It’s still a long way to the changing of the guard in symphonic metal.

Scarlet Desire – Maiden Of Snow:


Esa Mikkola – Guitars, Composing
Danae Komodromou – Vocals, Composing


Toni Paananen – Drums
Anssi Kippo – Bass
Oliver Palotai – Orchestrations
Heikki Pöyhiä – Additional Vocals

Track list:

  • Maiden Of Snow