Secret Rule – The Resilient

Secret Rule
The Resilient
Label: 7hard Records
Out: 17. June 2022
Playing time: 36:57

The last album “Mea Culpa” was released “bit by bit” on their own last year. One new song every month. The album “Quarantine: The Other Side Of Us“, which was released during the lockdown, was also released without label support. In the meantime, they have found a new home with the German label 7hard. Through this label, the eighth album “The Resilient” was released in June. The new man on bass is Andrea Arcangeli. Drummer Sebastiano Dolzani has been on board since “Mea Culpa”.

The album starts with a children’s choir in “One More”. The rhythm section hits hard and the choir becomes a mixed choir. One can definitely be divided about the short synth passage, but not about the vocal performance of Angela Di Vincenzo. Yes, a woman sings with a powerful voice, no opera singing but also no strained growls. Shortly afterwards, Andy Menario shows his guitar skills for the first time. This is accompanied by powerful drums. “Time To Reset” starts a bit calmer at first. But it’s already banging out of the speakers again, underlaid with orchestral keyboard sounds. And again, a guitar solo. “I Wanna Cry” starts with a melodic bass line, which is later joined by hectic synths. Of course, the Italians always know how to weave in pleasing melodic arcs. Later, Angela’s voice is unnaturally alienated. Nasty synthie-beeping lowers at least my musical pleasure a little. Also, on “Unlovable” the intrusive synth sounds counteract the beautiful melodies and the very nice vocals. In “Obsession” the melodies dominate again, the vocals are underpinned by keyboard carpets. And again, an impressive bass playing. “The Illusion” is again introduced by keyboard and synth sounds, which are later countered by hard riffs. Shrill screams can be heard from Angela. The many industrial sounds make this song the least successful of the album for me. Instead, “The Showdown” rocks out more. Especially with the catchy refrain Secret Rule can score here. “A Little Piece OF Joy” starts ballad-like. But later it picks up speed and becomes very anthemic. This song is the highlight of the album. Finally, the coda “The Hope” follows, a contemplative acoustic ballad.

To say it right away, “The Resilient” is not the best Secret Rule album from my point of view. The predecessors “Mea Culpa”, “Against” and “The 7 Endless” but also “Quarantine: The Other Side Of Us” were much better. I think the return of synths and Industrial elements is a step backwards. Nevertheless, “The Resilient” is not a bad album and will certainly find many fans. But Secret Rule should rather build on the previous albums.

Secret Rule – Obsession (Official Video):


Angela Di Vincenzo – Vocals
Andy Menario – Guitar, Keyboards
Sebastiano Dolzani – Drums
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass

Track list:

  • One More
  • Time To Reset
  • I Wanna Cry
  • Unlovable
  • Obsession
  • The Illusion
  • The Showdown
  • A Little Piece Of Joy
  • The Hope
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Cover-Art - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10