Kingfisher Sky – Walk The Plank

Kingfisher Sky
Walk The Plank
Out: May 21st, 2022
Playing time: 18:35

Founded in 2005 by drummer Ivar de Graaf (ex-Within Temptation) and singer Judith Rijnveld, Kingfisher Sky can look back on a band history of seventeen years. Of course, there have been various changes of line-up during this time, but the band is still alive. Due to the lockdown, the last releases were acoustic EPs, partly recorded at home. For the last EP “Rise”, however, the Dutch went back into the studio. The follow-up “Walk The Plank” was also recorded in the studio. Five new acoustic songs can be heard on the EP. 

One thing is already clear from the title track “Walk The Plank”. The new EP is quieter than its predecessor, spreading an intimate, contemplative atmosphere. Judith Rijnveld’s enchanting voice is in the foreground. The instrumentation is mostly minimal. Yes, now and then the low tones come through, but the acoustic guitars dominate. “Rites Of Passage” sounds upbeat, but no less contemplative. And Judith modulates her singing. This continues with “All That Is Left”.  Here you can also hear piano sounds. It’s hard to believe, on this already very quiet EP there is also a ballad with “Long Gone”. The final song has a Spanish title. “Duerme Bien” means something like “Sleep well” in German. Lynne Valencia’s spoken words are also in Spanish.

I have to admit, I liked “Rise” a bit better. “Walk The Plank” is not quite as varied in songwriting. The EP lives (almost) exclusively from Judith Rijnveld’s singing. The instrumental parts are not bad, but they pale next to the vocals. Apart from the folkloristic guitars that can be heard briefly in “Duerme Bien”. Maybe it would be time to record a real studio album again.


Judith Rijnveld – Vocals
Edo van der Kolk – Guitars
Ivar de Graaf – Drums
Erik van Ittersum – Keys
Nick Verschoor – Bass Guitar
Maaike Peterse – Violoncello

Guest musicians:

Ruben Margarita – Violin
Lynne Valencia – Spoken words on “Duerme Bien”
Max de Graaf – Choir on “Walk The Plank”

Label: Self-release

Out: May 21st, 2022

Playing time: 18:35

Track list:

Walk The Plank
Rites Of Passage
All That Is Left
Long Gone
Duerme Bien

  • 7.5/10
    Overall Rating - 7.5/10