Omicida “Defrauded Reign” CD Review

Omicida’s ‘Defrauded Reign’
Independent Release
Thrash Metal

Following on from their excellent EP ‘Certain Death’ in 2015, expectations were high for Omicida and their debut album ‘Defrauded Reign’ certainly does not disappoint; Omicida have rammed it full on with an old-school thrash vibe that is right out of 1988.
There was no doubt that ‘Defrauded Reign’ would deliver a primordial slab of thrash, the rhythm section drums of the ex-White Wizzard man Giovanni Durst and Benediction bassist Daniel Bate jackhammer away, providing the perfect backdrop for guitarists Dan Baune and another ex-White Wizzard member Will Wallner to audibly rip the listener a new one with their furious shred technicality, whilst the barking vocals of Giovanni Barbieri prowl across the tracks ‘Sentenced’, ‘Protect And Serve’ and ‘Omicida (Shot At Point Black)’ like Tom Araya in his prime. Furthermore, the Slayer worship does not end there, ‘Violent Resolution’ has echos of ‘War Ensemble’ with Barbieri’s blood curdling “WAR!” shout, whilst ‘Dead Eyes See No Evil’ would not be out of place on ‘South of Heaven’. However, ‘Defrauded Reign’ is not just all songs from the Slayer songbook; there is plenty here for fans of Testament, Exodus, Overkill and even Coroner as ‘Defrauded Reign’ heartily embraces nostalgia before plunging a knife into it and dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century to easily keep up with releases from Warbringer, Havok and Power Trip.
For anyone sat at home decrying that there have been no good thrash albums since 1990, tell them they’re talking rubbish and hand them a copy of ‘Defrauded Reign’. It will not disappoint.
Adam McCann