Praise the Sun – The Proffer Of Light

Praise the Sun
The Proffer Of Light
Label: Art of the Night Productions
Out: September 10th, 2022
Playing time: 44:17

Praise the Sun were founded in Warsaw (Poland) in 2019. One year later, the EP “The Art Of Agony” was released. Three singles followed in the years after that. Now the album “The Proffer Of Light” has been released.

Although you can read the classifications “Death Metal” and “Metalcore” in the accompanying text, the sound is still very melodic. This is already proven by the opener “The Curtain Of Life”. Singer Marcelina Janik easily switches between beguiling clear vocals and evil growls. Something that you can often hear from female singers nowadays. In addition, there are pounding drums and a thunderstorm of riffs. The Poles then change from midtempo to high-speed regions (“The Art Of Agony”). Without, however, renouncing sophisticated melodic arcs. “Echoes of Pompeii” then sounds quite anthemic. While “Alive” is again Death Metal with a high tempo.  The song “Praise The Sun”, named after the band, is a melodic midtempo number. Here Marcelina probably offers one of her best clear vocal performances. But of course, her growls are not neglected. “Eternal Dreams” sounds relaxed and upbeat over large parts. With many beautiful, sometimes even contemplative melodies. But if you think the song would be a commercial concession, the growls will prove you wrong. With “The Art Of Harmony” it goes again into the anthemic Death Metal area. It could even pass for a ballad at times. So the title is a concept here. Towards the end a very good guitar solo, as it could also be played on a Power Metal album. The final song “Metalheads” also lives up to its name. A straightforward Heavy Metal song with a Death Metal touch.

“The Proffer Of Light” is an all-round convincing debut album. Praise the Sun transcend the boundaries of what is commonly understood as Death Metal. Besides the growls and the often whipping up rhythm section, there are also many melodic, partly hymnal passages to be heard again and again. And the singer shows how you can combine clear vocals and angry growls. The Poles bring a breath of fresh air into the genre.

Praise the Sun – Alive:


Marcelina Janik – Vocals
Daniel Kowalski – Guitar
Mateusz Zarczuk – Guitar
Konrad Romanowski – Bass
Wojciech Mrozińsk – Drums

Track list:

  • The Curtain Of Life
  • The Art Of Agony
  • Echoes Of Pompeii
  • Alive
  • Mistaken Daughter
  • Praise The Sun
  • Anna
  • The One
  • Eternal Dreams
  • The Art Of Harmony
  • Metalheads
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10