Serpents In Paradise – Temptation

Serpents In Paradise
MDD Records
Out: July 08th, 2022
Playing time: 46:55

After guitarist Tobias Eurich left the band Spitefuel, he turned to solid Hard Rock. He quickly found comrades-in-arms for the instrumental fraction (bass, drums). However, a suitable singer could not be found in a short time. So, the three made a virtue out of necessity. The debut album “Temptation” was produced with the help of five well-known guest singers. The result is now available.

With the opener “Love Bites”, Serpents In Paradise go straight into full throttle. The guitars roast, the drums drive forward. Victory singer Gianni Pontillo also provides the best Metal feeling with his scratchy voice. “Tomorrow Never Comes” follows in the same vein. Stu Block (Into Eternity) is no less gifted on the microphone. A breather? Not a chance! Although “Where’s The Rock’n’Roll Gone” is not quite as propulsive, it remains a sweaty matter. Very groovy. And Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia) also masters his part flawlessly. And the master of the six-string blasts out an amazing solo. With “Moonshine Blues”, the title is the concept. And who could celebrate this Blues-Rock track better than Mark Fox (Shakra). This song would also fit well on an album by his main band. “Black Hole” is similarly groovy. But Alex Kühner (High Tide) sounds less scratchy than his fellow musicians. Thus, he sets an interesting vocal colour spot. The power ballad “Sun May Shine” is then performed by Stu Block. You don’t hear the Canadian so soulful very often. It makes your spine run hot and cold in turns. “Mojo Man” is another groovy midtempo rocker. While “Overrated” closes the circle to the beginning of the album. Here you get another full blast. “Get Lost Again” is the second ballad. However, this one is more in the blues realm. And it seems to have been written for Alex Kühner. The rhythmic “Ghost Lights” is a nice midtempo rocker. The last track “Smoke & Mirrors” is also in the medium speed range. A deeply relaxed finale.

Temptation is a killer album. Not only thanks to the outstanding singers. The instrumental section also provides a lot of good atmospheres, especially guitar god Tobias Eurich. The metal fan can certainly look forward to the next release. However, the band first has a difficult task ahead of them to find a suitable singer. The five guest singers have set the standard very high.

Serpents In Paradise – Where’s The Rock’n Roll Gone? [feat. Herbie Langhans] (official lyricvideo):


Tobias Eurich – Guitars
Matthias Lüönd – Bass
Jason-Steve Mageney – Drums
Gianni Pontillo (Track 1 & 7)
Stu Block (Track 2 & 6)
Herbie Langhans (Track 3 & 8)
Mark Fox (Tracks 4 & 10)
Alex Kühner (Track 5 & 9 & 11)

Track list:

  • Love Bites
  • Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Where’s The Rock ‘n’ Roll Gone?
  • Moonshine Blues
  • Black Hole
  • Sun May Shine
  • Mojo Man
  • Overrated
  • Get Lost Again
  • Ghost Lights
  • Smoke & Mirrors

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