Hello Metalheads,

It’s a pleasure and honor for me to connect you through our Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the Editor In Chief of Metalheads Forever Magazine. It’s the time to meet you all through this amazing Magazine, I have been administering and heading the Editorial for the last 4 years.

We have crossed quite some milestones over the years, with one vision of World Metal Domination, and it would not be possible without you Metalheads, you are the soul of this vision and I’m proud and glad to be so thankful for your time and support for our Magazine and keep supporting us. We are bringing you more fun and great things in the coming days.

Also thanks to all amazing bands and members who has looked up on us and spoke with us with the trust that we will support them and be for them. They believed in us and we will be doing all the things we can do for each and every band out there.

Thanks to our recording labels and promoters who has put their trust and being a part of us in growing to climb the ladder of success. We will be doing more in the future.

We are having a new face for the magazine, and more great things and news will be coming up.

Your Editor In Chief
Keith Clement

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