Rosa Nocturna – Angels And Beasts

Rosa Nocturna
Angels And Beasts
Label: Self-release
Out: September 1st, 2022
Playing time: 55:49

Rosa Nocturna are a Symphonic Folk Metal band from Brno (Czech Republic). The most famous member is probably singer Viktorie Surmová (Surma). She joined the band this year. The band was founded back in 2007 and has released four studio albums since then. The most recent was “Andělé a bestie” in November 2020. Now the band obviously wants to take off internationally as well. That’s why the fourth album has now also been recorded in English under the title “Angels And Beasts”. However, a lot has happened since the Czech original. Besides Viktorie, three more new members are listed in 2022. The only remaining founding member is guitarist Tonda Buček.

The beginning is “Lightbringer”, obviously a song about Lucifer, the “bearer of light” (and not the devil, as in Christianity). After a partly contemplative, orchestral introduction, the band really gets going. Both singers take turns at the microphone, while band colleague Petr Vosynek is responsible for the growls. While the guitars fry, the clear vocals sound a bit calmer. In “Pharmacist” the guitars sound much more melodic, almost with a Pop/Rock edge. “Falling” is then a beautiful Folk-Rock song. With various folkloristic instruments underneath. Unfortunately, the sparse press information is silent on whether these were recorded properly or are computer-generated. “Desires In Mist” is heavier again, but still melodic. Apparently, guest singer René David can be heard here, in a duet with Aneta Zatočilová. In “Fear”, sounds from an eerie forest can be heard, accompanied by an e-piano with reverberation. With “Once”, Rosa Nocturna once again move into the folk environment. Acoustic guitars and strings dominate at first in “Skinchangers”. But the folk elements are counteracted by evil growls and high female vocals. Thanks to melody and rhythm changes, one could speak of Progressive Folk music. “Intruders” is characterised by strong riffs, which are underpinned by strings. A contrast programme in itself. “Letters To The Front” is again a Folk Rocker. Shortly before the end, you can hear the orchestral instrumental “Periculum”. The closing song “Of Love, Of War, Of Blood” is not from the aforementioned album “Andělé a bestie” but from its 2017 predecessor “Za hradbami času” (“O lásce, o válce a o krvi”). The song is mostly quiet, the vocals are accompanied by acoustic instruments. Only in the middle section does the rhythm section provide some harshness.

I don’t really know what to think of this album. The band shows two faces here, on the one hand Rock of the somewhat heavier kind with Symphonic elements, then again contemplative sounding Folk-Rock (also with a Symphonic touch). The fans of both genres will probably not be completely satisfied with this. Certainly, there are no bad songs on “Angels And Beasts”, but the mixture of sounds takes some getting used to.

Rosa Nocturna – Lightbringer (Official video):


Aneta Zatočilová – Vocals
Viktorie Surmová – Vocals
Tonda Buček – Guitar, Programming
Petr Vosynek – Guitar, Growl
David Koudela – Bass
Dan Havránek – Drums

Main guest singers:

René “Perry” David (Flowerwhile)
Shirley Tracanna (Wishmasters)
Lenka “Ereis” Šíková (Ertha)

Track list:

  • Lightbringer
  • Pharmacist
  • Falling
  • Desires In mist
  • Fear
  • Once
  • Skinchangers
  • Intruders
  • Letters To The Front
  • Periculum
  • Of Love, Of War, Of Blood
  • 7.5/10
    Overall Rating - 7.5/10